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Car Loan Knowledgebase

Car Loan Eligibility Criteria

Almost anybody who fulfills the basic car loan eligibility criteria can apply for a car loan in India. The basic requirements to take up any loan are driven by the age, employment status and other demographical factors of the car loan subscriber along with of course, their repayment capacity. The common requirements, irrespective of the financial institution or loan amount, for an individual to be eligible for a car loan approval include:

  • The borrower should be salaried, self-employed, business owner or a professional
  • They should be of Indian nationality residing in or outside India
  • They should be at least 21 years old and not more than 65 years old
  • Should meet the minimum repayment capacity or minimum salary requirements
  • They must be in the current job for one year (salaried) or two years in the same business (self-employed or professional)

Car Loan Documentation Requirement

Several documents that establish necessary information like your identity, proof of income and residence are required for a car loan application. But out of all, the documents relating to new or old car, are the most important. The complete set of relevant car loan documents makes one eligible for loan and one cannot do without submitting the right docs.Though, the documentation requirements vary from lender to lender, following is a list of commonly asked for documents required while applying for a car loan :

Income proof documents for Self-employed persons:

  • Duly signed and filled application form available either on the website or physically at the bank’s outlets
  • Passport Size Photographs, generally 4-6 photos
  • An identity proof which can be one of these documents- Passport, Pan Card, Driving License, Voters ID card, Aadhaar card or employee identity card in case of government employees
  • Address Proof like Bank statement, Rent Agreement, Voters ID card, Ration card, Passport, Driving License, Telephone bill, Electricity or water Bills, Credit card bill or Property tax document
  • Age Proof which may be a Voter ID card, Secondary school leaving certificate (class 10), Birth certificate, Passport, Aadhaar card, Pension payment order or Receipt of LIC policy.


Income proof documents in case of salaried individuals:

  • Latest 3 months’ salary slips
  • Form 16 with proper computation of income
  • Salary account bank statement for six months
  • Latest acknowledged IT return
  • Business stability and ownership proof
  • Last two years’ computation of income
  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Balance sheet certified by a C.A.
  • Latest six months’ bank statement
  • Last two years’ sales
  • Copies of acknowledged IT returns
  • PAN Card for the lender to check and verify if you are trustworthy enough to make regular repayments by your credit records history.
  • Documents providing Vehicle information which may include the sales receipts from the seller.
  • In order to establish that, all applicable laws and protocols are followed with regards to the purchased vehicle, the applicant must also submit copies of the Vehicle’s Motor Insurance and your Driving License.

Car Loan Interest Rates - JULY 2017

Car Loan Interest Rates Comparison Table

Bank/Lender Name Car Loan Interest Rate Loan Processing Fees
SBI 9.25% onwards 0.50% of Loan Amount +ST
Min: Rs.950.00 +ST, Max: Rs.9100.00 +ST
HDFC Bank 9.35% onwards Rs.2825 to Rs.5150 (depends on the loan amount)
ICICI Bank 9.55% onwards Rs.2500 to Rs.5000 (depends on the loan amount)
Axis Bank 9.50% onwards Rs.3500 to Rs.5500
IDBI Bank 9.95% onwards NIL
Punjab National Bank 9.0% onwards 1% of the loan amount. (Max-Rs.6000)
Bank of India 9.25% onwards Rs.500/- plus S.T. or 1% of loan amount. Min: Rs.500 and Max: Rs.10,000
Syndicate Bank 10.1% onwards Up to 2 Lakhs: Rs.1.25 per thousand. Minimum: Rs.125/-

Above 2 lakhs: Rs.200 per lakh.

Car Loan FAQs

Q. What amount can I expect in terms of the car loan?

Ans. The funding amount differs from one bank to the other, and depends on various conditions including the characteristics of your car and loan requirements. However, the minimum loan amount will be equal to Rs.1, 00,000 in most cases.

Q. Can I get a loan for the entire cost of my car?

Ans. In most cases, banks provide only 80% to 90% of the total cost of the vehicle in the form of a car loan. However there are a few banks that may cover the entire cost of the car. Make sure go compare the available offers carefully before selecting your loan option.

Q. What are the conditions involved if I wish to pre-pay the entire loan amount?

Ans. Banks offer an option of prepaying the entire car loan amount and save on vital interest payments in the future. However, most banks allow pre-payment only after the completion 6 months of the loan tenure. Also, a small fee in the form of pre-payment penalty will be chargeable by the bank.

Q. Can I negotiate on the loan interest rate?

Ans. In most cases, you are able to negotiate the loan interest rate amount based on your credit score, credit history and previous relationship with the lender.

Q. What car loan repayment tenures are commonly available?

Ans. Commonly, all banks offer repayment tenures ranging from 12 months or a year to 84 months or 7 years depending upon the loan amount and customer’s repayment capabilities.

Q. Is a guarantor mandatory for a new car loan?

Ans. No, generally a guarantor is required only if you are unable to meet one or more of the eligibility criteria specified by the lender.

Q. Do I need a guarantor while applying for a car loan?

Ans. Most banks do not ask for a guarantor in case of both new and used car loans but if your income doesn’t meet the set eligibility criteria, the bank may require you to involve your parent or spouse as a co-applicant.

Q. Which cars are financed by the car loan institutions in India?

Ans. All small to medium sized cars, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Multi Utility Vehicles (MUV) come under the car loans finances available in India. However, there may be exceptions, enquire about the same at the time of car loan application or refer to the loan brochure.

Q. Can I borrow an additional loan over my allotted second-hand car loan?

Ans. A number of banks offer refinancing option or borrowing an additional loan over an allotted second-hand car loan. The value of the car can be redeemed into cash to meet your immediate monetary requirements. Ideally, 80%- 85% of the car’s valuation amount cab be availed.

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